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Inland Empire Tattoo Removal is a service of JWR Wellness Clinics where Dr. JW Rhee, MD, PhD provides a medically approved tattoo removal service to clients in the Inland Empire.

Most Advanced Technology

We use the enlighten™ laser system. enlighten™ is a new, cutting-edge laser technology for tattoo removal. It uses both picotechnology and nanotechnology to tackle even the toughest tattoos. When others say NO, we say YES.


Because we use the latest, the most advanced technology, you may be able see dramatic results after just one treatment. enlighten™ lasers often remove tattoos in 3-6 treatments versus 10-15 treatments with the older Q-switched lasers.


Using the enlighten™ laser system, the chance of scarring is unlikely. Since fewer treatments are needed to achieve the desired effects, you will suffer less pain and less down time.

About Us

Inland Empire Tattoo Removal is a service of JWR Wellness Clinics. Please visit the Tattoo Removal page at the JWR Wellness Clinics website for more information on our services.

What our clients say about us

Valerie N.

Valerie N.


The staff is very friendly, plus the price I got was amazing compared to other tattoo removal places. Thanks for helping me start my tattoo removal process Dr. JW Rhee.

Harry W.

Harry W.


The visit was very pleasant and very little pain for a tattoo removal compared to other places.

Monique A.

Monique A.


I wish I had known before. What a great experience. My tattoo removal was amazingly less painful than the overpriced salon I've been to in the past. Thanks Dr. Rhee.

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Inland Empire Tattoo Removal is a service of JWR Wellness Clinics. For hours and online appointment request, please visit the JWR Wellness Clinics website.

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